at State Gallery of Art, Kavuri Hills (exhibition ends today.) The art exhibition is for a cause with the proceeds from the.

Sex Workers In Hyd Women Want Sex In Delhi Born as a transgender in Delhi in 1980, she was named Aiyaz. Not able to find a suitable job between 2010 and 2013, Naaz. We don’t want the governments. the fairer sex to failure at multiple levels. “We have failed at individual level, as a

Sunday Long Reads: Fictional stories on meetings, families and cities – (Photo.

gallery it was. Never in his life has he seen such a crowd, or a curiousity for books in such a congregation.

Tai Shani: ‘Sharing the Turner Prize four ways was threatening. Our art is challenging power’ – Now in her early 40s, Shani spent her childhood in hippy communities in Goa.

in her city of women. Which should not seem so radical, except, Shani argues, that the desire to be outraged by small.

The project includes a photo book containing.

took his talent to Goa in India, where his grandfather Francis Newton Souza,

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