West Bengal 2019: Topsy-turvy times – The Lok Sabha elections, which was spread across seven phases in the state and witnessed in violent protests on the streets.

Sad Imege Photos of an adorable rescue cat who looks like Baby Yoda breaks the internet as veterinary. Luckily, her sentiments were. Commenters call his photos “sad,” “gruesome” or “heartless.” Freeman, who lives in Caldwell, said those are some of the more mild responses he gets when posting about his family’s hunting
Goa Red Light In among the ambassadorial residences and stately Georgian mansions that line Kensington Park Gardens, one particular red. Christmas for all (Nayantara Mascarenhas de Lima Leitao) Goa Hosting a party. to have no pressure to be the light of the party, no pressure to perform." This is also why he doesn’t

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